2021: Re-Imagining Our Lives Series: Office Culture

2021: Re-Imagining Our Lives Series: Office Culture

2021: Re-Imagining Our Lives is a new series of programs that will explore a wide range of impactful topics as we emerge from the pandemic.

On the minds of many people is: What will office culture be like when we begin to return to our workplaces?

It’s been a year since we’ve worked with our own team and with other teams in the same office.

Since then, we have had to rely on digital communications to lead, direct, introduce new ideas and engage in activities that were all housed within a corporate culture and physical space.

Some formidable questions that we face are:

  • During that time, we have on-boarded new team members. How will they learn about our office culture – the way we do things? How will they learn to meet others in our organization and find the people and resources they can use in their jobs?
  • There have been new tech advances that have impacted the way we do business and communicate internally and externally? How can be certain that all employees are trained and empowered to use these technologies?
  • With the various hybrid scenarios under consideration, how can occasional in-person meetings function as well as spontaneous gatherings to generate ideals or identify challenges?
  • Every company has values that drive every aspect of its management. In the new physical and virtual configurations, how do we engage employees so they can build the bonds necessary to make corporate culture their own?

To answer these questions, our panelists will discuss how we can create programs to engage teams and their members to foster a productive workplace that is aligned with corporate values and mission.


Our panelists:

Michael Neece, Founder; Interview Mastery; HR Consultant

Michael Goldberg, Founder, Hiring Transformed, Recruiting Strategist

Dawn Moore, Founder, The Predictive Method: Personal Growth and Development Coach

Our moderator:

Marty Katz, Founder, Connectors 360 and Columbia University Club of New York Program Committee member

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