2021: Re-Imagining Our Lives Series: Camaraderie

2021: Re-Imagining Our Lives Series: Camaraderie

2021: Re-Imagining Our Lives is a new series of programs that will explore a wide range of impactful topics as we emerge from the pandemic.

On the minds of many people is camaraderie.

The dictionary defines camaraderie as the mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.

In business settings, camaraderie is essential for the development of ideas, solutions, relationships and team building. It often occurs spontaneously in our workplaces and we take it for granted.

During the past year, we have largely been confined to web conferencing, scheduled calls and emails.

For many, this has had a dampening effect on productivity.

After months of working from home:

  • How do we re-engage and re-stage current and new business relationships?
  • How do we manage the interaction between vaccinated people and unvaccinated or anti-vaxxers?
  • Some people will continue to work from home. How do we generate camaraderie among them and those who return to the office?

To answer these questions, our panelists will discuss how people can establish new ways to interact and generate enthusiasm and productive outcomes in the work environment.

Our panelists:

Michael Neece, Founder; Interview Mastery; HR Consultant

Michael Goldberg, Founder, Hiring Transformed, Recruiting Strategist

Dawn Moore, Founder, The Predictive Method: Personal Growth and Development Coach

Our moderator:

Marty Katz, Founder, Connectors 360 and Columbia University Club of New York Program Committee member



Michael Golgberg is CEO and Founder of Hiring Transformed, Recruiting Strategist, Candidate Experience Advocate, and Recruiting Data Nut all describe Michael. He brings a unique talent of strategic HR and Recruiting experiences to help organizations be better when it comes to servicing internal and external customers.

His Mission: Turning recruiting organizations into a Team of Recruiting Superheroes.

His goal: Bring talent into the company smarter, faster, and within budget while not sacrificing quality or candidate experience.

As the CEO and Founder of Hiring Transformed, Michael
Partners with start-up organizations to develop their Talent Acquisition and HR Functions as they prepare for hyper-growth.

Helps established organizations turn the corner as he is known for his turnaround success at four large organizations focusing on candidate experience, processes, workflows, tools, technologies, and programs and aligns them with the client organization.

Teaches how to pull data and use it to create strategies that increase productivity, foster strong recruiter/hiring manager partnerships, improve the candidate experience, and lead change management initiatives around recruitment technology.

Michael is a native of Charleston, SC. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia earning his BA in Psychology and has an MBA in Human Resources Management from the University of Dallas

He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife of 29 years, Nancy, and their three children (all grown) and two dogs.

Marty Katz is a brand messaging consultant. He works with business leaders who are responsible for growth and they are not getting the sales they want. They are not connecting with their target audiences because their message is not clear or memorable. He creates messaging that connects with target audiences, develops engagement and generates sales leads.

Marty has a proven track record in developing and managing messaging for package goods, retail, professional services, tourism, construction, security and financial services companies. His experience includes worked for advertising agencies including Ogilvy & Mather, Foote Cone Belding, DBM&B and Grey.

He has worked on the development of new and emerging products and services for A&P Supermarkets (Master Choice), Kraft Heinz (Post Cereals), Campbell Soup (Prego) and Uproar (online games).

Marty works with small to midsized organizations in technology, law, accounting, management consulting, video production, digital communications, human resources and fashion.

Dawn Moore is the creator of The Predictive Method™—a systematic approach to get results in your business, life, and health is a Personal Growth & Development Coach. She works with business leaders who are responsible for building teams. The problem is teams are not producing results. The reason is that these leaders are not trained in managing conflict and generating empathy which leads to breakdowns and poor performance outcomes. This leaves them feeling isolated and anxious. The Predictive Method™ provides them with the tools to lead and manage effectively.

After speaking with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals, and coaching hundreds of clients, her superpower is her ability to help leaders use language that makes teams, prospects, clients, and colleagues feel heard, understood, and cared for.

With more than 30 years’ experience in education, coaching, public relations, and marketing, Dawn gives her clients the competitive advantage by helping them speak and listen with confidence.

Michael R. Neece is the founder of 7 companies, a TED Talk speaker, and start-up investor / advisor. His companies have improved the lives of 56,000 customers in 120 countries, across 20 major industries.

His current company, Interview Mastery.com is a cloud-based e-learning site that provides video-based learning apps that transform the hiring process into a prosperous and joyful experience for hiring teams, job seekers, and recruiters.

Michael is also the board chairperson for the 26.2 Foundation an international non-profit that advances wellness, education, and economic development locally and globally.

Michael’s been quoted in or appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, Financial Times, Bloomberg Radio, Wall Street Journal, and the NY Times. He has also delivered keynote presentations at Columbia, Stanford, and MIT.

Michael has degrees in physics and engineering. He has three grown children, 2 grand daughters, is an instrument-rated seaplane pilot, and once auditioned for a reality TV show.

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