Re-Imagining Our Lives Series: The Arts and Entertainment

Re-Imagining Our Lives Series: The Arts and Entertainment

One of the pillars of the New York business establishment is arts and entertainment. The city is a mecca for locals and visitors to find and enjoy unique venues, experiences and artistic expressions.

During the course of the pandemic, this sector, like so many others, has been shut down, save virtual interactions.

As the process unfolds and the city reopens, the arts and entertainment sector faces many questions:

  • What will the landscape be like? What activities have survived, what are poised for growth, what are the trends?
  • How can culture-seeking attendees feel safe about their participation and how can industry leaders manage safety issues?

We have assembled a panel of industry experts who will share their viewpoints and visions for what’s ahead.

Our panelists:

Felix Rodrigues, Part Owner of the Norwood Club and Employees Only

Rodrigo Salomon, Owner of the Salomon Arts Gallery

Juliette Campbell,  Founder of Shanghai Mermaid, which recreates 1920’s/1930’s parties for public and private events

Our moderator:

Marty Katz, Founder, Connectors 360 and Columbia University Club of New York Program Committee member

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