Inside the Supreme Court with Mike Sacks, Legal Affairs Reporter with WNYW – Fox 5 New York

Inside the Supreme Court with Mike Sacks, Legal Affairs Reporter with WNYW – Fox 5 New York

Join us for a special access conversation with Mike Sacks, the legal affairs reporter for WNYW/Fox 5 New York and a former U.S. Supreme Court correspondent in Washington, about where the Supreme Court is headed this term. With oral arguments concluded and decisions already coming down, and a new majority on the Supreme Court, the Court will be making rulings that shape the future of the country. Also Mr. Sacks will be looking ahead to the Court’s coming terms and discussing what is likely to be coming before SCOTUS and what we can expect.

Mr. Sacks will be interviewed by CUCNY board member John R.D. Celock. The two previously worked together in HuffPost’s Washington Bureau, where Mr. Celock was state politics reporter, where they collaborated on articles covering the intersection of legal and constitutional affairs and state level politics and policy around the country.

In conversation

Mike Sacks, legal affairs reporter for WNYW/Fox 5

John R. D. Celock ’04 JRN, president of Celock Media Group, editor of The Celock Report, and Columbia University Club of New York governor

6:30PM: Registration open
7PM: Discussion begins

Co-host: Penn Club

This event is open to all Columbia University Club members and their guests. Registration is required.


Mike Sacks covers politics and law for WNYW Fox 5 New York, including providing legal analysis and commentary on landmark Supreme Court rulings and high profile trials in the Tristate area. Mr. Sacks previously was a national political reporter for Scripps-owned television stations around the country and the congressional reporter for National Law Journal. He was the first Supreme Court correspondent for The Huffington Post and a founding host on HuffPost Live. He has covered such topics as three Supreme Court nominations, gun control, criminal justice reform, patent policy and Supreme Court rulings on topics ranging from the Affordable Care Act to same sex marriage.

An award-winning writer, media affairs advisor and author, John R.D. Celock is the president of the Celock Media Group and editor of The Celock Report. Prior to launching the Celock Media Group in 2014, he was state politics reporter for The Huffington Post and launch editor of Westfield Patch in New Jersey. He is the author of The Next Generation: Young Elected Officials and their Impact on American Politics.

Mr. Celock has been on the Columbia University Club of New York Board of Governors since 2006. He serves as a CUCNY Program Committee co-chair and is a former executive committee member of the Columbia Journalism School Alumni Association.