College Admissions Today with Elizabeth Wissner-Gross ’76JRN

College Admissions Today with Elizabeth Wissner-Gross ’76JRN

What Does it Take to Get Into the Most Competitive Colleges?

An Evening with Educational Strategist Elizabeth Wissner-Gross, JRN ‘76

Author of What Colleges Don’t Tell You (and Other Parents Don’t Want You to Know)


What does it take to get into the nation’s most competitive colleges these days? What are colleges looking for in the admissions process? What can your student do to stand out from the rest of the crowd?

We’ll learn the answers to these questions and many more from internationally noted educational strategist Elizabeth Wissner-Gross, JRN ’76.  Ms. Wissner-Gross works with students to find their academic passions and achieve their goals. (Full bio below.) During this exciting program, Ms. Wissner-Gross will talk about her experiences and answer all of your questions.

This event will be on Zoom. You will receive the zoom link upon registration.


Elizabeth Wissner-Gross ’76JRN

Elizabeth Wissner-Gross is an internationally noted educational strategist who helps high school and college students to discover their academic passions, develop inspiring academic and career goals, and pursue exciting and challenging educational experiences. She has helped hundreds of students nationally and internationally to secure the best opportunities according to their interests, including college, grad school, and professional school admissions.

In addition to advising individual students and families, she is an education advocate. She speaks at schools, school district meetings throughout the United States, and education conferences, and has led one-day essay writing marathon workshops for high school seniors. She has appeared on the Today Show and I on New York, has been heard on radio stations throughout the United States, and has been quoted in The New York TimesNewsdayWorld Journal (Chinese), and USA Today. Her books include What Colleges Don’t Tell You (and Other Parents Don’t Want You to Know); What High Schools Don’t Tell You (and Other Parents Don’t Want You to Know); Write Your College Essay in Less than a Day; Unbiased (Editing in a Diverse Society); and De-Grading Education (How Grades Have Commandeered American High Schools). Most recently, she wrote a children’s book Uncle Sam’s Victory Garden, based on a true story from World War I. She worked as a staffer at The Los Angeles Daily News, the Associated Press, and Newsday, focusing much of her writing on opportunities for families and children. Her articles have appeared in hundreds of newspapers nationally and internationally. She is an advocate of interest-based learning and the strengthening of American education and aims to spread the word about the many wonderful opportunities that exist for motivated young people. Elizabeth Wissner-Gross lives with her husband Sigmund in Great Neck, NY.