Personal Brand and Image Management Workshop Series: Part 1 – Career-starters and Young Professionals

Personal Brand and Image Management Workshop Series: Part 1 – Career-starters and Young Professionals

Join Bonnie Halpern and Tania Sterl for a Lunch-and-Learn workshop geared toward career-starters and young professionals. Our workshop is designed to advise professionals on the importance of personal branding and image management. Our industry experts will share some image enhancement tips and tricks that can elevate your professional presence.

Key Topics:

1. Image – On-paper, Online & In-Person
How to define a strong personal brand that conveys your value and expertise to enhance professional advancement.

2. Marketing the Brand that is YOU
How to leverage the critical channels to project your professional profile and differentiate yourself to attract ideal opportunities.

3) Professional Networking Tips
How to interest people in networking with you effectively and build meaningful connections.

Workshop host: Moshmi Sanagavarapu ’19 SPS

This virtual workshop will be hosted on Zoom. An email containing a link to the event will be forwarded to the email address you provide in your event registration.

Registration required.

The second in our series, Personal Brand and Image Management Workshop Series: Part 2 – Career-changers and Mid-career Professionals, will be held on Tuesday, June 16, 2020. Register here.


Bonnie Halpern, founder of Halpern Marketing, Inc. is a marketing consultant with expertise in resume and LinkedIn profile writing, personal branding and social media content. Her approach derives from over 25 years of classical and digital marketing and communication for Citibank, MasterCard, American Express and a variety of professional associations. As a marketing executive at Citibank, she recruited graduating MBAs and was involved in the hiring process for mid-level and senior professionals. Bonnie has deep ties to Columbia. She is a graduate of both the Business School and School of International and Public Affairs and an active participant in the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York.

Tania Sterl, founder of Sterl on Style, is a fashion expert, personal stylist, speaker and published writer. Tania combines her 18 years’ experience as a fashion designer with her intuition to create a signature style that expresses one’s unique personality, profession, and lifestyle. From personal shopping and styling for TV, Ted-Talks, and photo-shoots to leading seminars and workshops, Tania’s mission is to elevate a person’s image and influence by getting them dressed and ready to be seen as the experts they truly are.