Plant-Based Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

Plant-Based Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

What diet is best for you?  Emphasizing fresh, whole food, plant-based ingredients, and minimizing processed foods has a powerful effect on wellness.

Dr. Judith Dattaro, Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine and Columbia University Club Governor, will introduce us to the concepts behind supporting better health.

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Judith Dattaro MD MS FACEP ACLM
Dr. Dattaro has been an Emergency Physician for over twenty years. She has always had an interest in food, having completed many cooking courses. Seeing how much of illness presenting to the Emergency Department was preventable, she completed required coursework and became Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine in the inaugural class to take the exam. Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition has a powerful ability to promote health, mitigating, and even reversing, such chronic health problems as Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, as well as Coronary and other vascular disease. She is deeply concerned about how our food choices affect the environment and animal well being and serves as a medical advisor to Plant Powered Metro NY