The Columbia University Club – Census 2020 Online Now

The Columbia University Club – Census 2020 Online Now

Get counted – the online census is now available.

The 2020 Census has begun and your community needs you to get counted!

The more of us who fill out the census, the more money we get for schools, housing, roads, bridges, hospitals, senior centers, and more.

This year, the census is easier than ever. You can complete the census online or over the phone (844-330-2020), in just a few minutes.

The census is for everyone! It does not ask about your immigration or citizenship status, your job, your Social Security or ITIN number. Your responses are private, protected by federal law, and will never be shared with anyone, including law enforcement or your landlord.

The census is only 10 questions, takes about 10 minutes, and will shape NYC’s future for the next 10 years. Fill out the 2020 Census now!

Want to get involved? Help us get the word out by doing one or all of the following:
1. Forward this email to your network;
2. Post about the 2020 census on social media and use our hashtag #GetCountedNYC – you can find draft content and language here; and
3. Sign up to be a textbank host during Text Out the Count on March 22nd and 23rd!

Julie Menin
Director, NYC Census 2020
Executive Assistant Corporation Counsel, NYC Law Department

NYC Census 2020 is led by Director Julie Menin ’89CC , an attorney by training, has previously served as Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment, as well as the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (formerly known as the Department of Consumer Affairs).

Ms. Menin is a Columbia University Trustee.