Virtual History Tour – The History of Animals in NYC with Kevin Draper

Virtual History Tour – The History of Animals in NYC with Kevin Draper

Join tour guide, acclaimed NYC historian, Kevin Draper and his co-host & sidekick  —Bella (a parrotlet) for an exciting virtual journey through time exploring the amazing diversity of wildlife in our city. Discover the history of animals in NYC from early inhabitants to contemporary society, from native species to imported animals, and their historical importance to our city.

Home to over 600 species, the city boasts some of the most unusual, famous, notorious and funny animal celebrities to inhabit the land, skies, and waters of NYC.

From mastodons to mice, from bed bugs to lady bugs, from houseflies to butterflies, the concrete jungle is teeming with wildlife.

Using vintage photos and contemporary videos, as well as archival materials, Kevin takes us on a journey to meet some of NYC’s most iconic residents including Pale Male, a red-tailed hawk who took up luxury accommodations on top of a 5th Avenue balcony, and elephants Hattie, who pulled a snow plow in the early 1900’s and Happy, a Bronx Zoo resident with her own lawyer.

Then enjoy an historical overview of some of the diverse types of land, sky and water animals, most of which are still here today, hiding in plain sight as well as a few of some animal friends and foes of New Yorkers. Lastly, journey back in time to meet the rich and diverse menagerie of animals in NYC that led to development of its zoos.

Join us for a thrilling historical look at NYC and its animal inhabitants and bring your pet companion for an exciting program by one of New York’s most knowledgeable and interesting historians and tour guide. 


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Kevin Draper is the co-founder of New York Historical Tours. An impassioned New Yorker, Kevin brings to life the stories and history that have made New York the most exciting and dynamic city in the world. This includes looking at New York not just as the world class, dynamic city that never sleeps but the diverse and exciting collection of neighborhoods that never sleep. His knowledge, professionalism and storytelling ability have earned him rave reviews. Kevin has led historical talks and lectures for top universities and Fortune 500 companies and has been a consultant to a variety of publications including CBS, ABC, Bloomberg, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.