Recsheduling: Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence Rescheduled

Recsheduling: Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence

This event is being rescheduled. Please watch for updates.

Join us for a panel discussion about Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence.

The panel will cover areas such as (1) machine learning vs. deep learning vs. neural networks, (2) artificial narrow intelligence vs. artificial general intelligence, and if/when it might be possible to achieve the latter, (3) exciting and new applications of AI in various fields (e.g., finance and healthcare), and (4) the on-going debate between the utopian and dystopian camps over the promises and risks of the disruptions caused and to be caused by AI.

More information to come.

Registration: 6PM
Discussion: 6:30PM
Cost: $25
Price includes half hour reception of beer and wine. All registrations are final. 

Registration is open to all Columbia University Club members.