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The Application Process

Becoming a member of the Columbia Club of New York is easy, and we’re here to help you through every step of the process.

How do I become a new member of the Club?

All you need to do is complete the online application below.

You can also send a request to the Membership Office at [email protected] if you prefer to receive a complete membership packet by mail.

How do I become reinstated as a member of the Club?

If you are a former member of the Club and would like to apply for reinstatement, please select Reinstatement under application type in Section A below.

I received an e-mail admitting me to the Club. What is the fastest way to get my membership started. 

Print and complete this credit card form. E-mail the completed form to [email protected].

How do I join The Penn Club?

Active Columbia University Club of New York membership is required.

  1. Complete the application below. If you are already a member and wish to renew your membership for 2017-2018, contact [email protected].
  2. Once your application is accepted, CUCNY Membership will contact you to complete your 2017-2018 Columbia Club membership dues payment (ranging from $25 to $200, depending on your category of membership).
  3. Upon Columbia Club registration, you will be directed to The Penn Club registration site to complete the application process.  As a welcoming gesture, The Penn Club will waive initiation fees for current, former and even brand-new CUCNY members who join The Penn Club before June 30, 2017.

Please Note:  The Penn Club will waive dues prior to June 30 for the remaining 2016-2017 membership year when you join and pay your 2017-2018 Penn Club membership dues (ranging from $200 to $1740, depending on your category of membership).

Columbia University Club Membership Application

Please fill out the necessary fields below and click submit to apply for a membership to the Club.

All information given on this application is used solely for verification purposes. The Columbia University Club of New York will never distribute or sell this information to anyone.

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Finalize and Submit Application

If elected into membership in the Columbia University Club of New York by its Admissions Committee, I agree to support and abide by the by-laws of the Club. I understand that if I wish to resign/discontinue my membership, I must do so in writing and that I will continue to be responsible for current year dues, outstanding house charges, and applicable fees.

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